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Monthly Crew Meetings (MCMs)


Each month, a Crew Meeting is held to discuss old and new business and bring everyone up to date on general items of interest.

This meeting is held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month with a social  half hour beginning at 6:30 PM and the meeting beginning at 7:00PM PM.

Anyone interested in joining our ship, or just interested in Star Trek and would like to visit with us is welcome.


Creation’s Las Vegas Star Trek Convention


The USS Las Vegas purchases a table in the Dealer’s Room each year.

We offer information about our local club and sign up new members from the local community.

We are surprised each year with how many people have never heard of our club until they happen to find us at the convention.

We will also be looking for volunteers from the crew the man the table during the convention.

It’s a great opportunity to tell people about our club and to meet people from around the world. See you there!